Hi, I’m Dani! Welcome to my website! I’ve been a healthy lifestyle coach since 2015 after going through my own weight loss transformation. But just when I was starting to feel the best I had ever felt in my life, my health began to decline. In November 2016 I came down with flu-like symptoms that I just couldn’t shake. My glands were so swollen in my neck that it was becoming difficult to swallow. After several doctor visits, tests, and ultrasounds, it was determined that I had a huge nodule on my thyroid and needed a total thyroidectomy. I had my surgery on December 8th, and two weeks later I received the final diagnosis – stage 3 papillary thyroid cancer. Hearing that “C” word was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life!

Now I’m learning to live with the chronic condition that comes with not having a thyroid. I take a pill every day, but still deal with extreme fatigue, aches, and occasional symptoms of depression. Incorporating healthy nutrition, fitness, and personal development into my daily life has saved me. Now I focus my coaching on helping those who live with chronic illness to overcome their own unique obstacles so they can truly live well and feel their best!


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